Broadmoor Hotel and Resort

The Broadmoor is the most sought-after hotel and resort in Colorado Springs. It’s located in the heart of a charming city, and it’s surrounded by classic Colorado scenery. This stunning resort has everything you can imagine. Pools, spas, shops, golf courses, horseback riding — you name it! Because of this, we often find ourselves recommending the Broadmoor to anyone who is looking for a little slice of luxury. As a Colorado Springs-based company, the Insurance Stops is familiar with the Broadmoor, and we’re all fans of the hotel and resort ourselves! That’s why we’ve put together this list of fun things to do at the Broadmoor hotel and resort! So whether you’re looking for a luxurious weekend get-away or just need to unwind for the afternoon, we can guarantee you’ll find the perfect activity for you!

Spa Treatments

The Broadmoor offers a variety of spa treatments at its luxurious hotel. From Swedish massages and hydrotherapy to invigorating facials and scalp treatments, the Broadmoor makes it easy to pamper yourself for a weekend or just for an afternoon!

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Hotel Stays

The Broadmoor is arguably most well-known for its beautiful hotel. Most people who end up visiting the Broadmoor prefer to stay in one of the hotel’s luxury rooms. Whether it’s for the night or for the weekend, you’ll love being pampered at the Broadmoor hotel. Enjoy five-star meals and extravagant aesthetics both inside and outside of your private room! Even better: you’ll have easier access to the rest of the town and resort when you stay at the hotel!  

Horseback Riding 

The Broadmoor isn’t just known for its luxurious hotel and resort. It’s also well-known for its beautiful scenery and mountain trails. Schedule a horseback riding tour, and experience the best parts of the Broadmoor from atop a beautiful horse!


In addition to its stunning mountain paths, the Broadmoor is also known for its beautiful biking routes. Bike paths snake through some of the best parts of the Broadmoor, making it a popular transportation method. Bikers love gliding through the town on two wheels, and they enjoy being able to see as many sights as possible without having to worry about their feet getting tired. Schedule a bike tour with a professional guide, or just enjoy a leisurely ride through the town! Either way, you’ll love biking through the best parts of the Broadmoor with your favorite biking buddies!   

Visit the Broadmoor Hotel and Resort Today!

Whether you’re looking for a weekend get-away or are just trying to find yourself a little slice of luxury, the Broadmoor is the place for you! Try out horseback riding for the first time, ride your bike through the town, schedule a spa treatment, or stay overnight in a luxury hotel room. Either way, you’ll definitely want to experience the Broadmoor hotel and resort for yourself so you can see what else it has to offer!

Visit the Broadmoor today (and be sure to tell them that the Insurance Stops sent you)!  

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