Cimarron Hills, CO

Cimarron Hills is an unincorporated community in Colorado Springs, CO. It is part of the Colorado Springs, CO Metropolitan Statistical Area. It is home to approximately 3,400 people. The community is located just north of the city of Colorado Springs. However, it does not have its own city government.

The cold season in Cimarron Hills lasts for approximately 3.5 months and consists of low temperatures below 50degF. The coldest month is December, with an average low temperature of 20degF and high temperatures around 43degF. There is also a thin line corresponding to the amount of rainfall that falls in Cimarron Hills.

The average number of hours of sunlight in Cimarron Hills is 9.5 hours. The shortest day of the year is December 21, while the longest day is June 27. The average number of hours of sunlight varies by season. In September, the sky is clear 74% of the time, while in November, it is overcast 76% of the time.

Cimarron Hills, CO is located about 54 miles from major cities. The average commute time is about 28 minutes. About 45% of Cimarron Hills residents drive to work. Public transportation isn’t widely used in this community, and walking is uncommon. For those who need to commute more than 50 miles, there are several options nearby.

The average temperature in Cimarron Hills, CO is 57.2 degrees Fahrenheit at 6:15 AM and 91.4 degrees Fahrenheit at 1:05 PM. Temperatures in Cimarron Hills are relatively consistent throughout the year, and they stay relatively high at the beginning of spring and fall.

Cimarron Hills is located in central Colorado and lies at the base of the Front Range. It is approximately 65 miles south of Denver. The climate is moderate, making it a desirable place for both winter and summer activities. Cimarron Hills residents earn more than the average Colorado Springs resident, and the median income per household is higher than the national average.

Cimarron Hills is a large community of about 17,000 residents. Many residents are families with young children, but there are also plenty of young professionals. The average age of the residents is less than 34 years old, which makes it a younger city than most of Colorado. Many people own their own homes, making Cimarron Hills a relatively affordable place to live.


The crime rate in Cimarron Hills, CO is lower than the national average. The southwest part of the city has fewer crimes than the north and south parts. Cimarron Hills is a popular shopping district, and retail and healthcare jobs make up a quarter of the city’s workforce. The average salary in these fields is $71K a year.

Cimarron Hills real estate consists primarily of medium to large homes. Apartment complexes are also plentiful in the area. Most of the homes were constructed in the 1970s and 1980s, but many have been updated to make them more modern. Although the homes are not new, they are still in good condition.

Cimarron Hills, CO is home to the Rocky Mountain Classical Academy, located at 4620 Antelope Ridge Dr, Colorado Springs, CO 80922. South of the Rocky Mountain Classical Academy is RMCA Homeschool Academy, located at 3525 Akers Dr, Colorado Springs, CO 80922. To get to RMCA Homeschool Academy from the Rocky Mountain Classical Academy, head southwest on Desert Canyon Trail toward Antelope Ridge Dr and then turn right onto Antelope Ridge Dr. Turn right onto Carefree Cir N and then turn left onto Akers Dr. The destination will be on your left. South of RMCA Homeschool Academy is Top Choice Inspectors Inc., located at 7658 Colorado Tech Dr, Colorado Springs, CO 80915. To get to Top Choice Inspectors Inc. from RMCA Homeschool Academy, head south on Akers Dr and then turn right onto Constitution Ave. Turn left onto Hannah Ridge Dr and then turn left onto Reed Grass Way. Turn right onto Colorado Tech Dr and the destination will be on your right. Northwest of Top Choice Inspectors Inc. is Alwayz n forever, located at 2945 Frazier Ln, Colorado Springs, CO 80922. To get to Alwayz n forever from Top Choice Inspectors Inc., head east on Colorado Tech Dr toward Reed Grass Way and then turn left onto Reed Grass Way. Turn right onto Hannah Ridge Dr and then turn left onto Constitution Ave. Turn right onto Peterson Rd and then turn right at the 3rd cross street onto Leoti Dr. Turn left at the 1st cross street onto Frazier Ln and the destination will be on your right. Southwest of Alwayz n forever is The Sourdough Boulangerie, located at 6453 Omaha Blvd, Colorado Springs, CO 80915. To get to The Sourdough Boulangerie from Alwayz n forever, head southwest on Frazier Ln toward Leoti Dr and then turn right at the 1st cross street onto Leoti Dr. Turn left at the 1st cross street onto Peterson Rd and then turn right onto Omaha Blvd. Turn left, turn right, and the destination will be on your left. North of The Sourdough Boulangerie is Computer Maintenance & Upkeep, located at 6455 Tacoma Ct, Colorado Springs, CO 80915. To get to Computer Maintenance & Upkeep from The Sourdough Boulangerie, head west toward Omaha Blvd and then turn right onto Omaha Blvd. Turn left onto Peterson Rd and then turn left onto Piros Dr. Turn right onto Tacoma Ct and then continue straight to your destination. Southwest of Computer Maintenance & Upkeep is The Insurance Stops, located at 2105 E Bijou St Ste A, Colorado Springs, CO 80909. To get to The Insurance Stops from Computer Maintenance & Upkeep, head west on Tacoma Ct toward Piros Dr and then turn right onto Piros Dr. Turn left at the 2nd cross street onto Constitution Ave and then use the left 2 lanes to turn left onto CO-21 S. Take exit 141 to merge onto E Platte Ave and then turn left onto Platte Pl. Turn right onto E Bijou St and the destination will be on your left. 

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