If you’re thinking of relocating to Colorado, you should consider Dacono, CO. It is a college town and a mid-sized agricultural community located 55 miles north of Denver. The population is 6,572, with a growth rate of 22.3% since 2020. Its commute time is about 30.5 minutes, which is longer than the national average. In the last decade, home appreciation was 9.4%. To find out more about Dacono, CO, explore the interactive maps below.

A Dacono Colorado demographics report includes information about the age distribution of people in the area. A city of this size has a low percentage of Europeans. However, a high percentage of people in Dacono, CO, are Oceanians. As a result, it ranks third among cities in the greater Dacono area when it comes to percentage of Oceanians. This is significant, because the population of Dacono is mainly composed of young people.

In addition to the age distribution of residents, Dacono’s demographics also show the proportion of immigrants, citizens, and non-citizens. Figure 35 shows the percentage of citizens by naturalization. Dacono is the second-highest percentage of citizens by naturalization, only behind Fort Lupton. Dacono’s population density makes it an ideal location for a business to expand. Moreover, the area is adjacent to the fastest-growing transportation corridor in the Western United States.