Dougherty Museum- Longmont

Founded in 1977 by Boulder County farmer Ray G. Dougherty, the Dougherty Museum showcases a collection of over 40 classic cars and early combustion engines. Located at 8306 N 107th St, Longmont, CO 80504. Most of the vehicles are in working condition. There are several antique cars on display, including Colorado’s first automobile, the 1909 Mobile Steamer. The museum also has collections of farm tools, including an 1880s granary. Here, you can learn about the early development of the city and get a taste of Colorado’s rich history.

Ray G. Dougherty

The Ray G. Dougherty Museum in Longmont CO has an incredible collection of vintage cars, farm equipment and musical instruments. The collection is based on the collections of Ray Dougherty. The museum was established in 1974 and is the result of Dougherty’s lifelong passion for mechanical inventions. In addition to the classic automobiles and other memorabilia, there is a museum of antique farm equipment.

Sunflower Farm

The Sunflower Farm is a scenic rural area in south Longmont. You can visit the farm to feed the chickens or zipline to experience the thrill of a life-size American Ninja Warrior race. The farm also has a slackline and a full-scale American Ninja Warrior training facility. The museum also hosts several community events throughout the year, including poetry nights and Firehouse Films.

Left Hand Brewing Company

When visiting Longmont, Colorado, it’s easy to forget about the brewery when you’re in the area. Left Hand Brewing Company offers tasting rooms with various microbrews. You can relax on the patio or enjoy a tour. Special events and weekend tours are also held at the brewery. You’ll have a great time! Here are a few things to know about Left Hand Brewing Company at Dougherty Museum.

Sandstone Ranch Park

Enjoy the community park and historical visitors’ center while enjoying the scenic views of the Colorado Rocky Mountains. This historic site is home to the Dougherty Museum, which was established in 1905. Visitors can participate in the museum’s many activities and programs. A number of special events are held throughout the year. Check out the calendar of events to find out what’s coming up in the park.

Downtown Longmont

The city of Longmont, Colorado, is a home rule municipality in Weld and Boulder counties. It is located northeast of county seat Boulder and about 33 miles north of the Colorado State Capitol in Denver. The city is the seat of the Longmont School District. Its central location makes it a popular destination for visitors and residents alike. Unlike most larger cities, Longmont has a thriving downtown with many businesses and attractions. Downtown Longmont is an ideal place for a night out on the town.