In the greater Firestone CO area, the population density is 1,478. This is higher than the state and national average. Only Erie has a higher population density than Firestone – at 1,476 people per square mile. Longmont has a higher population density – at 3,508 people per square mile. For more information about Firestone CO and the surrounding area, please check out our guide. It will provide you with important information about the area, from its crime statistics to the local weather.

In comparison to other cities in the metro area, Firestone CO has a low percentage of non-citizens. Firestone has a Non Citizen Median Age of 42.8. This is the third highest median age for non-citizens in the metro area. The city has a relatively small population, with approximately 34% of the population identifying as non-citizens. Therefore, a new provider in Firestone may not need to offer television as a service.

The median age of residents in Firestone is 34 years old. This ranks Firestone CO as being in the middle of the surrounding area. However, Longmont has a higher overall median age of 39.1. Despite the low population of this area, it is still a booming market for businesses. For employment-related research, this data can be helpful. For example, firestone has a large population of retirees, with 12.1% of residents aged sixty-five or older.