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How Does the SR-22 Impact Your Driving Record?


  • The Impact of the SR-22 on Your Driving Record:
    • Definition and Need: It’s a certificate of financial responsibility required for high-risk drivers after severe traffic violations.
    • Immediate Effects: Notation on driving record, premium increases, and limited insurance options.
    • Long-Term Implications: High premiums persist during the duration of the certificate, and traffic violations stay on record for years.
    • Rebuilding: Follow traffic laws, complete defensive driving courses, review driving records, and shop for better rates.
    • Insurance Provider Role: Choosing an experienced provider can make all the difference and lessen the long-term impacts.


Sr-22 - The Insurance Stops
Sr-22 – The Insurance Stops

SR-22 insurance, often misunderstood and frequently dreaded by drivers, is a certificate of financial responsibility required for individuals deemed as “high-risk drivers” by their state’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). If your license has been suspended for one reason or another and you are currently being required to file an SR-22, then you’ll need to understand the long-term effects of filing. Let’s talk about how the SR-22 can impact your driving record and what steps you can take to lessen that impact.  

Understanding SR-22 Insurance

SR-22 is not an insurance policy itself, but a certificate filed by your insurance company with the state to confirm that you carry the minimum required auto insurance coverage. Drivers are typically required to get this certificate after severe traffic violations such as DUI or DWI, reckless driving, at-fault accidents while uninsured, or accumulating too many points on their driving record.

Immediate Effects on Your Driving Record

When the court orders you to obtain this certificate, it is immediately reflected in your driving record. This notation indicates to any insurance company that you are a high-risk driver, significantly impacting your ability to obtain standard car insurance.

  1. Premium Increases: One of the most immediate effects is a substantial increase in your car insurance premiums. High-risk drivers are more likely to file claims, so insurers mitigate this risk by raising rates.
  2. Limited Insurance Options: Many insurance companies shy away from covering high-risk drivers. Consequently, you might find fewer options, leading to less competitive pricing and fewer benefits.

Long-Term Implications

The requirement to maintain SR-22 status usually lasts between one and five years, depending on the state and the severity of the offense. During this period, every traffic violation could exacerbate your situation, further complicating your insurance landscape.

  1. Persistent High Premiums: You can expect elevated insurance premiums for a period of time. 
  2. Impact on Driving Record: Traffic violations can remain on your driving record for several years. For instance, a DUI can stay on your record for up to 10 years in some states, influencing your insurance rates and eligibility for a long time.

Rebuilding Your Driving Record

While the long-term effects are significant, there are steps you can take to rebuild and improve your standing:

  1. Adhere to Traffic Laws: Strictly follow all traffic rules to avoid any additional infractions. This is crucial in demonstrating to insurers that you are a low-risk driver.
  2. Complete Defensive Driving Courses: Some states offer reductions in points or favorable considerations if you complete a state-approved defensive driving course.
  3. Regularly Review Your Driving Record: Mistakes can happen. Ensure your driving record accurately reflects your driving history. Correct any errors to avoid unjust penalties.
  4. Shop for Better Rates: As your record improves, periodically compare insurance quotes. Some insurers specialize in covering drivers with less-than-perfect records and might offer better rates as your risk decreases.

The Role of the Insurance Provider

When you’re dealing with an SR-22, you’ll need a car insurance provider you can trust. That’s where we can help. At The Insurance Stops, we specialize in helping people get great car insurance policies at great prices, regardless of their driving histories. 

Don’t let an SR-22 dictate your driving future. Contact The Insurance Stops today and let us help you get back on the road with confidence!

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