Longmont Memorial Rose Garden- Longmont

There are several ways you can contribute to the care of this beautiful park and garden. Volunteers and plants are needed for the garden’s care. Here are some ideas. Read on! Volunteers: We all have the opportunity to make a difference! Here’s how to volunteer at Longmont Memorial Rose Garden! It’s free! Just bring your enthusiasm! You’ll be surprised at how rewarding it can be!

Longmont Memorial Rose Garden

The Longmont Memorial Rose Garden is located in Roosevelt Park, Longmont CO. The Rose Garden was planted in 1945 and is dedicated to veterans from all wars. The garden consists of almost 2,000 rose bushes representing approximately 190 varieties. The roses are tended by volunteers and the public is welcome to visit. There are also free tours available by appointment. To learn more about the history of roses in Longmont, read this guide.

Fairmount Cemetery

Newark’s Fairmount Cemetery and Longmont Memorial Rose Garden offer a peaceful burial place for those who wish to be buried in a picturesque, rural location. The Fairmount Cemetery was founded in 1855, when yellow fever fears forced Newark city council to prohibit burials in the center of the city. While the cemetery is not the first of its kind in the United States, it has been a popular choice for people and their pets for over 150 years.


Volunteers at Longmont’s memorial rose garden have many important roles, but not all of them involve gardening. In addition to general maintenance, volunteers help with trash pick-up and debris removal. Volunteers can adopt a rosebed to take care of during the summer months. Volunteers are typically retired people or elderly people. They tend to work in groups or shifts. Some volunteer groups, such as the Hoe and Hope Garden Club, have been deadheading the roses for years.


The Longmont Memorial Rose Garden is located in Roosevelt Park. This rose garden was created to honor veterans from all wars. Its beautiful roses bloom in the summer months, and it is open for public tours during the warm months. Originally, the memorial rose garden was on the southeast side of the park. It was later moved to its current location on the west side. Several local organizations maintain the rose garden, which contains about 190 different varieties.

Varieties of roses

If you love the sight of gorgeous, fragrant roses, head to Roosevelt Park in Longmont, Colorado, to visit the memorial flower garden. First planted in 1945, this garden honors the city’s veterans of all wars. It now includes almost two thousand rose bushes, representing 190 different types. It has something for everyone. You can even take a photo with the roses in bloom!


In 1945, the Longmont Lions Club planted a rose garden to honor those who fought in World War II. This rose garden was later relocated when the St. Vrain Memorial Center was built. The Longmont Parks, Open Space, and Trails department partnered with the Colorado State University Extension Office to expand the volunteer program, build a public information kiosk, and offer horticulture classes. The renovations are part of a larger project to preserve the rose garden.