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How to Get to the Lost Gulch Overlook in Boulder Colorado

From downtown Boulder, hike to the top of the Lost Gulch Overlook. Located  in Boulder, CO 80302, United States. This all-level trail will take you to a beautiful lookout point with a view of the mountains. Enjoy the views during sunrise and sunset. There is also a paved bike path that leads to Sugarbun Mountain. There is a lot to do in Boulder, so be sure to plan enough time to explore. This article explains how to get there.

Leslie Gulch Overlook

This all-level trail winds up to the Leslie Gulch Overlook, where you can enjoy breathtaking views of the mountains and surrounding area. The lookout point is popular at sunset and sunrise. A picnic area is also available, so you can grab a bite to eat while you’re out enjoying the scenery. Here are some photos of this scenic trail. You’ll love it! Here’s what to expect:

After a day climbing at Asylum Wall, Tedd decided to check out a new wall to the southeast. He hiked across Leslie Gulch to reach the top of this new wall, then dropped his rope down a streaked shield of rock. The new wall presented a mix of features and angles, but few climbable faces. However, Tedd was impressed with the experience and hopes to return one day.

Sitton’s Gulch Trail

For a hike in Boulder, you may want to try the all-level Sitton’s ‘Gulch Trail. The trail leads to a lookout point with mountain views. The hike is popular during the sunrise and sunset. The lookout is especially scenic at sunrise and sunset. You might want to pack a picnic to enjoy at this lookout point.

This six-mile roundtrip trail follows cascading creeks and is perfect for picnics. Most people hike the trail in two to four days. The trail ends at a bridge with metal grated steps that cross Daniel Creek. There are steep side trails that lead down below the waterfall beneath the bridge. While this hike may not be as challenging as the Waterfalls Trail, it is still worth a hike, especially if you have young children.

Purgatory Trail

You can’t visit Boulder without hiking on the Purgatory Trail at Lost Gulch. This all-level trail leads to a scenic lookout with views of the mountains. This hike is especially popular during sunrise and sunset. While the views of the mountains from this trail are amazing, the hike itself isn’t particularly difficult. Nevertheless, you should definitely take a rest and consider your options before you start hiking.

The first section of the trail is steep and winds down alongside Purgatory Creek. You’ll get a taste of pioneer life as you pass a cemetery filled with stone grave markers and wooden crosses. You’ll also be able to see the Animas River, which flows through the forest gulch. While hiking, don’t forget to bring your camera and bear spray. This mountain can be a raccoon’s paradise, and even the bears don’t like being disturbed.

Sugarbun Mountain

Take an all-level trail to the lookout point for views of the mountains, and you’ll be rewarded with stunning sunset and sunrise views. This Boulder Colorado hike is particularly popular during sunrise and sunset, when the mountains are at their most beautiful. Here, you can also catch a glimpse of the famous Boulder Boulders. And if you’re feeling particularly adventurous, try hiking up Sugarbun Mountain.

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