Pikeview, CO

Pikeview is a Denver neighborhood. The neighborhood was incorporated as an addition to the city on August 1, 1962. It was originally named for the scenic view of Mount Pikes Peak. By 1896, the Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad built a station in Pikeview. Soon after, miners began digging a shaft at the Pikeview Coal Mine.

The Pikeview neighborhood is home to numerous shopping venues. You can browse the many unique and beautiful items at the quaint markets. There are also several educational institutions that offer tours of their facilities. The architecture of the local library is impressive. The Pikeview area is also known for its many outdoor recreation options.

The Pikeview Quarry is located in the foothills just west of Colorado Springs. The city council is set to vote on Tuesday whether to spend $2.7 million on purchasing another 61 acres of land to use for open space. The aim of the reclamation project is to create a landscape with more trees and other vegetation. The property is a mix of hills and flat areas. It is approximately one mile north of Queen’s Quarry. The city will fund the project with funding from the city’s Trails, Open Space and Parks fund and The Conservation Fund.

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