Colorado License Reinstatement

What are the steps to get your Colorado Driver’s License Reinstated? We’ve got the process for you right here.

Reinstatement Steps

  1. Call the Colorado Reinstatement Division at (303) 205-5631. Ask what is required for you to reinstate your driver’s license. Ask what date you will be eligible to reinstate. Ask if you are eligible to reinstate early through the affidavit of enrollment program.

  2. Sign up for alcohol education classes. If you are eligible for the affidavit of enrollment program, make sure your education provider participates in the program.

  3. About a week before your reinstatement eligibility date, call or come by our office to start your SR-22.

  4. After getting your SR-22, call one of the Colorado approved interlock providers listed below. Take a copy of your SR-22 with you when you have your interlock installed.

    Intoxalock 888-572-4902
    Smart Start 877-573-4639
    Lifesaver 800-475-5490
    Guardian 800-499-0944

  5. Complete form DR2780 (application for reinstatement) from the Colorado Department of Revenue. Gather all documents required (SR-22, alcohol education enrollment, interlock, etc). You can mail your documents or upload them online at https://mydmv.colorado.gov. We can help you to upload your documents at our office. You can visit in person or mail all required documents to 1881 Pierce St, Lakewood, CO 80214. The process takes 24-48 hours if you upload the documents, up to three weeks if you mail them. There is a $95 reinstatement fee. The fee can be paid online or you can mail a check or money order.

  6. You will receive an email when you are approved to reinstate if you upload documents or a letter by mail if you choose to mail your documents. Take this email or letter with you to the DMV to get your license back.
The Insurance Stops - Sr-22 And Auto Insurance

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Brian and his staff were so easy to work with. When I needed proof of insurance at the DMV they had it there in a flash.
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Cindy P
David was great at explaining the SR22 process and how it all works. He takes the time to answer any questions and I would recommend him for anybody needing an SR22.
Dan V
I looked at several agents and SR22 providers and Auto Insurance Stops was the cheapest and give me the best overall service.
Mike S
Delicia made me feel important. I would recommend her highly.
Danielle R
When I started this whole thing I wasn't sure what to do. Nikki and Maria made it so easy, I would highly recommend them to everyone!
Kelly P

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