Shelby American Collection- Longmont

The Shelby American Collection is a place where you can experience the passion of the cars that made the legendary Carroll Shelby famous. You can also learn about Carroll Shelby and the Ford GT40, and you can see many of his creations. The museum is located in Boulder, CO. Getting there will be a memorable experience. Read on to learn more about Shelby, the museum, and Curran’s Garage. We hope you enjoy your visit.

Shelby American Collection

A visit to the Shelby American Collection in Boulder, Colorado is a must-do for any car lover. This museum, which houses Shelby Cobras and other classic vehicles, is one of the largest of its kind. In addition to actual cars, display cases contain Shelby-inspired toys, books, and memorabilia. There’s even a large wooden cobra on display in the museum, and the smell of tire rubber permeates the air. A yellow dog greets visitors to the museum.

Carroll Shelby

The Carroll Shelby American Collection is one of the most interesting places to visit in the Denver area. Founded in 1996, the museum is one of the few Shelby-related museums in the United States. This museum is home to dozens of Shelby cars, as well as rare original racing artifacts and toys. The Shelby American Collection has something for everyone, and you are sure to enjoy it. This museum is the perfect place to get a taste of the life of an American icon.

Ford GT40

One of the crown jewels of the Shelby American Collection (SAC) is the 1968 Ford GT40 Mark II, P/1015. This blue/red roadster was the winner of the 1966 Le Mans race. Driven by Denny Hulme and Ken Miles, it was immortalized during the race and is now part of the collection. The car is also featured as the poster car for the upcoming movie Ford vs Ferrari.

Curran’s Garage

The first thing you’ll notice when entering Curran’s Garage in Boulder, CO, is the huge collection of Shelby Cobras. The collection is the largest of its kind. It features many real cars on display, along with Shelby-inspired memorabilia and toys. There’s also a huge wooden cobra coiled on a display case. The atmosphere is filled with a smoky smell of tire rubber. A yellow dog sits in the entrance, a welcoming sight.

Sammy Celico

Volunteering for the Shelby American Collection in Boulder, Colorado, has been a tradition for Sammy Celico. The 11-year-old began by helping his dad fix cars around Lafayette, CO. His experience is limited, however, as he is still young. “The car culture in Boulder County is great,” Celico said. “It’s tough to work on newer cars, but the older ones are easier to work on.”