Stratmoor Hills, CO

Stratmoor Hills is a vibrant community located in Colorado Springs, Colorado. This diverse community is home to many parks, local history sites, and mom and pop boutiques. The area is also known for its many restaurants. The demographics of Stratmoor Hills indicate that residents are a mix of renters and owners.

Traveling to Stratmoor Hills, Colorado from a different city can be easy. Most big cities have airports, making it easy to find flights. If you’re traveling by car, you can search for airports in nearby towns. You can even book flights to smaller towns within a couple of hours’ drive of Stratmoor Hills, CO.

Stratmoor Hills, Colorado, is a suburb of El Paso County. The community is home to approximately 540 homes. The community was originally developed on a former dairy farm during the 1950s and 1960s. In 2010, the community had a population of about 6,900. Stratmoor CDP was annexed by Fountain in 2014, which added a Walmart, Sam’s Club, and strip mall to the area.

Stratmoor Hills is a diverse community, and residents speak many different languages. A majority of residents speak English at home, although Spanish and Italian are spoken by a small percentage of households. Stratmoor Hills is home to more military personnel than any other neighborhood in Colorado, and it’s home to more Belgian people than any other neighborhood.

The sales tax rate in Stratmoor Hills is zero. This number is a result of a recent outbreak of COVID-19, a coronavirus. In Stratmoor Hills, sales tax due dates have also changed. By automating sales tax compliance, businesses can remain compliant despite the constant changes in sales tax laws. For example, AvaTax uses advanced technology to deliver real-time sales tax rates to address locations.

While the median price of a home in Stratmoor Hills is $212,835, this neighborhood is significantly less expensive than the U.S. median house price of $376,286, meaning that homes in Stratmoor Hills are substantially less expensive than homes in other neighborhoods in Colorado. Therefore, if you’re looking for a house in Colorado Springs, this neighborhood is an excellent choice.

This bi-level home boasts two spacious living areas, a 2-car garage, and two fully fenced front yards. It has 4 bedrooms and two bathrooms. The upper level includes a large open-concept living space with Pikes Peak views. The backyard is beautifully landscaped with mature trees. The home is adjacent to a neighborhood park.